Control of Droplet Characteristics in Liquid Atomization with Suspended Particles

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B. Mulhem, U. Fritsching, G. Schulte and K. Bauckhage
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Particle Formation
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The process of disintegration of liquid/solid suspension jets and sheets by atomization is analysed in a fundamental manner and visualized by suitable measurement methods, which allow qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the process. Supporting numerical analysis and theoretical derivations will contribute to basic understanding and control of the suspension atomization process. Model suspensions will be atomized by means of conventional and specifically designed atomizers. The sixth year activities that are reported here include:

- Theoretical description of the break-up of a suspension droplet in air stream.

- Investigation of suspension atomization in a hollow cone nozzle.

- Control of suspension jet instability:

The experimental results of the previous droplet size measurements in the suspension spray are analysed in a fundamental way to allow a better understanding of the solid/liquid separation process in the twin-fluid suspension atomization. Model suspensions based on water and glycerol/water-mixtures with different kind of suspended particles (Kaolin, Polymer, Glass and Silicuimcarbid) have been atomized by means of a hollow cone nozzle. The influence of the solid particle on the break-up and the sheet parameter has been analysed.