The Flow of Powders

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P Lloyd
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Powder Flow
United Kingdom

1. The principle investigators have been identified and listed.

2. The state of the art has been reviewed and this preliminary scan of the literalure has shown that whilst powder flow in bin-hoppers, or silos, is comparatively well understood, there have been few investigators into powder flow in other stress situations such as conveyors and where aeration is used.

3. The approach of Carr's Method of Powder Testing should be extended by the use of some better defined test methods to produce a system of classification of powders so that designers will know whether a powder may be rated easy or difficult to handle. Perhaps these test methods could also be used, for on-line control of powder handling systems.

4. The dustiness of powders should be investigated because of the necessity of maintaining clean working conditions and reducing explosion possibilities.

5. Current theoretical developments are at an exciting stage and should be continually monitored.