Multi-Scale Approach to Modeling and Control of High-Medium Shear Batch Granulator

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Francis J. Doyle III
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Research Area: 
Particle Formation
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United States

Executive Summary

In the first year of this project, a multidimensional population balance model has been developed for a general granulation process. The model details the evolution of particles with respect to distributions in size, porosity, and binder (moisture) content { the three critical properties that are related to processing as well as end product properties. The model has been utilized to determine the control-relevant properties of the granulation process. The influence of changes in the binder addition rate as well as the agitator speed were determined using sensitivity analysis of the population balance model. The results provide insight into the degree to which size, porosity, and moisture content can be adjusted in a feedback control model of operation. The present analysis is flexible enough to address both batch and continuous granulation. The insights generated from this analysis point to more effective strategies for the improved operation of industrial granulators, notably with regard to reduced recycle streams (both fines and oversized particles).