2024-2025 Technical Program

Type No. C SR F D W SE Project Research Associate  Institution Country End Term
Projects 1 X   X   X   Characterization of Spray Nozzles at Industrial Conditions N. Ashgriz U. Toronto Canada 2025 2
2 X       X   Slurry and Paste Rheology E. Koos U. Leuven Belgium 2025 2
3 X     X     Aeration & Deaeration of Geldart C Powders Olivier Pouliquen Aix Marseille U. France 2025 1
4 X   X X X   Drying of Wet Powders with Shear to Prevent Agglomerate Formation Alban Sauret UCSB US 2025 1
5     X   X   Spray Drying of Pastes to Improve Sustainability Volker Gaukel KIT Germany 2025 1
6 X   X   X X Numerical Modeling of Spray Droplet Formation Olivier Desjardins Cornell U. US 2025 1
7 X   X     X Model-based Design of Granular Products R. Smith U. Sheffield UK 2026 2
8 X       X   Simplified Industrial Formulations of Colloidal Dispersions J. Vermant ETH Switzerland 2026 2
9 X X   X   X A Systems Engineering Approach to Dry-Milling with Grinding Aid Additives A. Kwade TU Braunschweig Germany 2026 2
10       X   X Precision powder feeding P. Nott IISc Bangalore India 2026 2
11       X     Predicting Powder Flow from Flexible-Wall Containers M. Jones U. Newcastle Australia 2026 1
12     X   X   Porosity Developent During Drying Reza Kharagani OVGU Magdeburg Germany 2026 1
13 X       X   Understanding Accelerated Aging of Gels Lilian Hsiao  NCSU USA 2026 1
15     X       Selection of Flow Aids Raj Dave NJIT US 2027 2
16       X     Air-Induced Defect Formation During Compaction Ken Kamrin M.I.T. US 2027 2
17       X   X Segregation of Cohesive Powders Rich Lueptow Northwestern U. US 2027 1
18         X X Syneresis Emanuela Del Gado Georgetown U. US 2027 1
Collab 1 X       X X Simulation of Colloidal Dispersions Jan Vermant,
Mike Howard
Auburn U.
2       X   X Continuum Flow Modeling Ken Kamrin
Peter Vonk
Workshop 1   X         Milling of Complex Materials Jarrod Hart
Wolfgang Peukert
U. Erlangen
2 X     X X   Friction and adhesion in wet and dry systems Eric Furst
Wilson Poon
John Hone
U. Delaware
U. Edinburgh