Mission Statement

About the International Fine Particles Research Institute

To define long-term research objectives in particle science and engineering aligned with the industrial agenda, providing the scientific foundations that will lead to the discovery of new and improved materials, and more efficient manufacturing process technology.


  • Create the opportunity for active networking within the academic and industrial community
  • Develop and manage a programme of multi-disciplinary, academic pre-competitive research, promoting international collaboration between leading scientists, and tackling priority research areas that are under-served by national funding agencies
  • Regularly hold workshops and commission reviews to establish the state of the art, and identify long-term research priorities
  • Advise government and inter-government research funding bodies on research priorities
  • Promote education in particle science and technology

Operational Structure

Membership funds are pooled to provide a budget for the research programme.

Members representatives

  • Make all of the management & research programme decisions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Play a key role in developing and maintaining the organisation through the advisory committee