Benefits of Membership

There are considerable benefits from being actively involved in IFPRI

Professional Development: 

  • A strong particle science and technology network
  • A relevant fundamental research programme
  • Access to a range of top academics (and industrialists)
    • close links to projects of particular interest
    • consultancy/internee opportunities
    • networking/contacts
  • Highly leveraged funds
    • collective funding
    • forum to advise government funding agencies
  • Work with other companies
    • pre-competitive research
    • technical benchmarking

IFPRI's Academic partners recognise the leverage generated by being involved in industrially relevant research and benefit from the opportunity to interact directly with their industrial peers.


Project reports and State of the Art Reviews are published annually. Members have access to these reports in advance of publication in the open literature. Members also have access via the website to a database comprising over 500 reports and state of art reviews.

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting (AGM): 

The AGM provides a uniquely wide perspective of research in the field of particle science and technology, and the chance to meet and discuss with colleagues from a range of disciplines and with a wide range of experience. It also offers the chance to influence the programme, initiate new projects, commission new state of the art reviews, select academic partners, and set the research priorities.

Additional deliverables identified by Members

  • 'A window on the world of Particle Technology'
  • 'A welcome addition to our existing know-how… will be incorporated in our future work'
  • 'Opened new horizons in the practice of this important operation'
  • 'Understand and adapt our own process, to improve its reliability… fundamental in solving a specific product scale-up problem'
  • 'Helped clearly to design our pneumatic conveying operation'
  • 'Unique networking organisation a non competitive industrial R&D benchmark it figures in our own project reviewing process'
  • 'IFPRI network ... delivery of very informative reviews decision making with respect to our own flow testing method'
  • 'Opened new horizons in the practice of this important operation'
  • 'The IFPRI networking and consultancy opportunities are primordial'
  • 'Our IFPRI contacts increased in a minimum of time our knowledge in particle formation, size reduction and characterisation generated appreciated contacts practical point of view'
  • 'Reflected in many patents, process improvements through elimination of bottle-necks and implementations of project results, choices in measurement systems and internal project formulations and goals - a window with a view'
  • 'Allowed us to understand practical production problems . resulting in an improved process control, increasing efficiency and saving at least €1million'
  • 'Work on particle breakage has fed into the development of product with specific morphology, reducing the fines generation during calcination'
  • 'Thanks to the results we were able to design our own system to reliably fill powders into small containers and design and start up on time a system for complex,highly diffusive materials'
  • '…Most of the commissioned reviews are directly applicable in our business…'
  • '…IFPRI's ongoing Slurry and Dispersion Rheology work was very useful and applied in our disposal work…'