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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
High-Fidelity Numerical Modeling of Spray Droplet Formation Desjardins ARR Particle Formation 2023
Effect of Feed Properties and Local Drying Kinetics on Particle Morphology in Spray Drying Jaskulski ARR Particle Formation 2023
Drying wet powders with shear to prevent agglomerate formation Sauret ARR Particle Formation 2023
A Practical Tool for Predicting the Effect of Solvents and Growth Inhibitors on Crystal Morphology Doherty ARR Particle Formation 2023
Characterization of Spray-Drying Nozzles at Industrially Relevant Conditions Ashgriz ARR Particle Formation 2023
Air Induced Defect Formation During Powder Compaction Kamrin ARR Particle Formation 2023
Spray-Drying of Pastes with ACLR-Nozzle for Process Intensification Gaukel ARR Particle Formation 2023
Adhesion of powders to metal surfaces during compaction Sinka FRR Particle Formation 2023
Modeling of Screw Feeder Performance Nott FRR Powder Flow 2023
Non-local rheology of dry flows: from experiments to practical model Daniels CRR Powder Flow 2023
Selection of Flow Aids: Model-based Prediction of Flow Properties Enhancement Dave ARR Powder Flow 2023
Horizons in Dry Granular Modeling: Beyond DEM Radjai SAR Powder Flow 2023
Controlling adhesion between particles for a better understanding of compaction and aeration of powders Pouliquen ARR Powder Flow 2023
IFPRI Powder Flow Workshop, June 2023 Louge SAR Powder Flow 2023
Simplified Industrial Formulations of Colloidal Dispersions Vermant FRR Wet Systems 2023
Characterization of Suspension Networks Using Confocal Microscopy Koos ARR Wet Systems 2023
A Systems Engineering Approach to Dry Milling with Grinding Aid Additives Kwade FRR Systems Engineering 2023
Feasibility/Collaboration Project: Model calibration as a Tool for Material Characterisation Markl CRR Systems Engineering 2023
Model Assisted Design of Granular Products Smith FRR Systems Engineering 2023
Effect of Feed Properties and Drying Kinetics on Particle Morphology in Spray Drying Jaskulski ARR Particle Formation 2022