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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
Rapid Shear Flow of Granular Materials Sundaresan FRR Powder Flow
Turbulent Gas-Particle Flow in Vertical Risers Jackson FRR Powder Flow
The Flow of Powders Lloyd SAX Powder Flow
Agglomeration in Fluidized Beds Tardos FRR Powder Flow
The Dispersion of Powder Agglomerates in Liquid Systems Parfitt ARR Wet Systems
Rheology and Microstructure of Suspensions Mewis SAX Wet Systems
Slurry and Suspension Transport: An Assessment of Current Research and Long-term Interdisciplinary Needs Turian SAX Wet Systems
Slurry Rheology Akers ARX Wet Systems
Research in Solid-Liquid Separation Somasundaran FRR Wet Systems
The Estimation of Surface Area by Gas Adsorption Jaycock SAX Characterisation
In-situ Characterization of the Microstructure of Particle Surfaces and their Interaction Forces by Atomic Force Microscope Higashitani FRR Characterisation
Morphological Analysis Review Beddow SAR Characterisation
Appendix 12 FRR Characterisation
Electrification of Particles Through Collision in Particulate Processes Masuda ARX Characterisation
Appendix 11 FRR Characterisation
Contact/Impact Charging of a Single Particle Yamamoto ARR Characterisation
Particle Characterisation Anon SAX Characterisation