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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
Characterization of Suspension Networks Using Confocal Microscopy Koos ARR Wet Systems 2020
Detailed Insight into Microscopic Phenomena Using 3D-Tomography Data to Develop a Better Model for Dead-End Filtration Peuker ARR Wet Systems 2020
A Multiscale Study of Powder Reconstitution Phenomena Gaiani ARR Wet Systems 2020
Simplified Industrial Formulations: Design Challenges Vermant ARR Wet Systems 2020
In-Process Characterization of Suspensions and Slurries: Review of Recent Advances Scott SAR Characterisation 2020
A Systems Engineering Approach to Dry-Milling with Grinding Aid Additives Kwade ARR Systems Engineering 2020
A Holistic Approach for the Model-Based Control of Crystal Size, Shape and Purity in Integrated Batch and Continuous Crystallization-Wet Milling Systems Nagy ARR Systems Engineering 2020
Characterization of Spray-Drying Nozzles at Industrially Relevant Conditions Ashgriz ARR Particle Formation 2019
3D Printed "Perfect Particles" Hapgood FRR Particle Formation 2019
A Multi-Scale Study of Powder Reconstitution Phenomena Gaiani ARR Particle Formation 2019
Coating of Fine Particles Buck SAR Particle Formation 2019
Self-Assembled Monolayers as Nucleating Surfaces to Study Early Formation Pathways of Crystallographic Polymorphs Wiesner ARR Particle Formation 2019
Modelling Impurity-Mediated Crystal Growth and Recent Deveopments in ADDICT3 Doherty ARR Particle Formation 2019
Adhesion of Powders to Metal Surfaces During Compaction Sinka ARR Powder Flow 2019
Mixing Rules for Powder Mixing Govender ARR Powder Flow 2019
Control of Fluidity via Boundary Conditions, Vibrations and Stress Fluctuations Vriend and Daniels CRR Powder Flow 2019
Quantitative Prediction of Segregation at Process Level McCarthy ARR Powder Flow 2019
Die Filling of Aerated Powders Wu FRR Powder Flow 2019
Controlling Rheology via Boundary Conditions in Dense Granular Flows Daniels ARR Powder Flow 2019
Flowability Assessment of Weakly Consolidated Powders Hare ARR Powder Flow 2019