Mixing Rules for Powder Mixing

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Indresan Govender
Report Type: 
FRR - Final Report
Research Area: 
Powder Flow
Publication Year: 
South Africa

Executive Summary

Project ARR-98 focused on mixing rules for powder mixing in rotating drum flows. The first phase of the project explored the viability of PEPT measurements to yield the desired measurements for validating and complimenting a granular flow model of rotating drum flows. In this regard, coarse graining strategies proved integral to the success of the project. A useful outcome was the observation of the reverse Brazil nut effect observed for a binary mixture (by size).

Phase two built upon the serendipitous finding of a Peclet-based rheology that underpinned most of the granular flow phase space. ~200 DEM simulations across a wide range of flow configurations was used to successfully validate the new rheology.