2019-2020 Research Program

Type No.   Project Classification* Project Research Associate  Institution End
Projects 1 X     X     Die Filling of Aerated Powders C.-Y. Wu U. Surrey 2019
2         X   Long Term Stability of Attractive Colloidal Gels Wilson Poon U. Edinburgh 2019
3     X       Spray drying at high temperature Andrew Bayly U. Leeds 2019
4 X   X     X Model-Based Control of Crystallization Zoltan Nagy Purdue U. 2019
5     X X     Creating Tuneable Agglomerates via 3D Printing Karen Hapgood Monash U. 2020
6       X     Prediction of Segregation Joseph McCarthy U. Pittsburgh 2020
7 X     X     Flowability Assessment of Weakly Consolidated Powders Colin Hare
Ali Hassanpour
U. Surrey
U. Leeds
8         X   Deliquoring of Solvent Wet Filter Cakes Urs Peuker TU Freiberg 2020
9 X     X     Powder Mixing Rules Indresan Govender U. Kwazulu-Natal 2020
10     X   X   Crystal Shape Prediction Michael Doherty U.C. Santa Barbara 2020
11 X   X   X   Molecular Self-Assembly Ulrich Wiesner Cornell U. 2021
12 X     X     Dry Powder Rheology Karen Daniels North Carolina State U. 2021
13 X       X   Wetting and dispersion of Powders Claire Gaiani U. Lorraine 2021
14 X   X   X   Characterization of Spray Nozzles at Industrial Conditions Nasser Ashgriz U. Toronto 2021
15 X       X   Slurry and Paste Rheology Erin Koos U. Leuven 2021
16     X X     Powder adhesion to metal surfaces during compaction Csaba Sinka  U. Leicester 2021
Collab 17 X     X     Dry Powder Rheology Nathalie Vriend U. Cambridge 2019
Other 18 X     X   X DEM Round Robin Jonathan Seville U. Birmingham 2020
Reviews 19     X       Coating of Fine Particles Andreas Buck U. Erlangen 2019
20       X     Confronting the Dry System "Grand Challenge": relating particle properties, microstructure, and bulk flow Vanessa Magnanimo U. Twente 2019
21           X Systems Engineering Gap Analysis Paul Mort Purdue U. 2019

* C = characterization; SR = size reduction; F = particle formation; D = dry systems; W = wet systems; SE = systems engineering