2019-2020 Research Program

Type No. C SR F D W SE Project Research Associate  Institution Country End
Projects           X   Long Term Stability of Attractive Colloidal Gels W. Poon U. Edinburgh UK 2019
  X     X     Die Filling of Aerated Powders C.-Y. Wu U. Surrey UK 2019
1     X X     Creating Tuneable Agglomerates via 3D Printing K. Hapgood Monash U. Australia 2020
2       X     Prediction of Segregation J. McCarthy U. Pittsburgh US 2020
3 X     X     Flowability Assessment of Weakly Consolidated Particles C. Hare
A. Hassanpour
U. Surrey
U. Leeds
UK 2020
4         X   Deliquoring of Solvent Wet Filter Cakes U. Peuker TU Freiberg Germany 2020
5 X     X     Powder Mixing Rules I. Govender UKZN South Africa 2020
6     X   X   Crystal Shape Prediction M. Doherty UCSB US 2020
7 X   X   X   Molecular Self-Assembly U. Wiesner Cornell U. US 2021
8 X     X     Dry Powder Rheology K. Daniels NCSU US 2021
9 X       X   Wetting and dispersion of Powders C. Gaiani U. Lorraine France 2021
10 X   X   X   Characterization of Spray Nozzles at Industrial Conditions N. Ashgriz U. Toronto Canada 2021
11 X       X   Slurry and Paste Rheology E. Koos U. Leuven Belgium 2021
12     X X     Powder adhesion to metal surfaces during compaction C. Sinka  U. Leicester UK 2021
13 X X X     X Model-Based Control of Crystallization Z. Nagy Purdue U. US 2019
14 X   X     X Model-based Design of Granular Products R. Smith U. Sheffield UK 2022
15 X       X   Simplified Industrial Formulations J. Vermant ETH Switzerland 2022
16 X X   X   X A Systems Engineering Approach to Dry-Milling with Grinding Aid Additives A. Kwade TU Braunschweig Germany 2022
17       X   X Precision powder feeding P. Nott IISc Bangalore India 2022
Collab 18             Simplified Industrial Formulations Collaboration L. Hsiao NCSU US 2020
Other 19       X   X DEM Roundtable J. Seville U. Birmingham UK 2020
Workshop 20       X     Cohesion Freeman, Lechman, Louge  - 2020