2020 IFPRI Annual General Meeting Business Meeting

Event Date: 
June 10, 2020
Target Audience: 
IFPRI Members and Invited Guests
Event Details: 



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we will be having a virtual Annual General Meeting.  The meeting will be in 4 2-hour segments on June 10, 29, 30, and July 1.  All meetings will be a Zoom Meeting starting each day at 7:00 am CDT and ending at 9:00 am CDT.  Due to the split dates of the Meeting you will need to register for both segments of the Annual General Meeting (Business and General Meeting) The general outline of the meeting is as follows:

June 10 Business Meeting  Members and Consultants Only

June 29 Project Reviews and Discussion    Members and Consultants Only

June 30 Virtual Happy Hour  Members, Consultants, Academics

July 1  Consultant Reviews   Members, Consultants, Academics, and Guests

All attendees will need to register to enable Zoom invitations to be sent out for the appropriate days.

Finally, on June 1 all videos from the Academic Researchers and Reviewers will be placed on the website for attendees to watch.  Please send your questions for the Academics and Reviewers to the appropriate IFPRI Liaison from the list I will be sending to registered attendees by June 12.  The Liaisons will compile the questions and get those questions and comments back to the Academics and Reviewers by June 19.  The Academics and Reviewers will then provide responses to the questions and comments to the Liaisons by June 26 for the Liaisons to present to the membership on June 29 of the Annual General Meeting.


This Meeting is clearly a significant departure from the 41 previous Annual General Meetings that IFPRI has had.  The World Wide COVID-19 Pandemic has stretched all of us in ways that we have never seen.  We all hope that you will join us to maintain the continuity and momentum that IFPRI has developed over the years.