2020 Winter Business Meeting

Event Date: 
January 15, 2020 to January 16, 2020
Target Audience: 
IFPRI Members and Invited Guests
Event Details: 

The Winter Business Meeting is a meeting that is held in January each year to bring the IFPRI Membership up to date on Operational Issues (finances, recruiting, and membership), Technical Issues (status of current projects, overview and suggestions for current proposals prior to voting on the proposals in June), and Long Term Strategic Issues facing the Organization.  Over the past 6 years IFPRI has grown from 17 member companies to the current 41 member companies and from 8 research programs to the current 17 research programs.  The result of this growth has been busier meetings, more projects for the members, and an Annual General Meeting that is starting to become unwieldly.  We will be taking some time to also talk about the how we can handle the current growth and what is the ultimate memberhip number and program number that we want to have.   

Please review and be prepared to discuss the proposals attached to the 2020 Winter Meeting Materials page.

Event Agenda: 

See Attached File