Methods and Specifications for Particle Properties Roundtable

Event Date: 
April 19, 2021
Target Audience: 
IFPRI Members and Invited Guests
Event Details: 

Bruno Hancock from Pfizer will be hosting an IFPRI Roundtable on Methods and Specifications for Particle Properties on April 19, 2021 from 9 am to 11 am EDT.  The purpose of this roundtable will be to:

  1. Compare particle and bulk specifications and considerations across different industries
  2. Discuss how particle specifications are set
  3. Discuss methods for measuring and setting particle specifications
  4. Potential discussion topics
    1. Which approaches do you find most valuable for setting physical property specifications for your materials? 

i.Statistical approaches based on batch history? +/- 3-sigma, etc

ii.Fundamental or empirical models? DEM, population balance, etc

iii.Standard reference texts?  Perry’s Handbook, etc


  1. Do you prefer one-sided vs. two-sided specs? 
    1. Such as “Not more than 0.5 cc/g” vs. “D(4,3) of X to Y µm”
  2. Success stories and case studies would be most welcome
  1. Expected outcomes include:
    1. Better understanding of specifications methods and goals of specifications
    2. Information for project brief for the upcoming AGM
    3. Best Practices used in different industries
Event Agenda: 

Proposed Agenda


                Overview slides from Attendees

                Specification Discussion (see points above)

                Deliverable Development