Powders & Grains 2025

Event Date: 
December 8, 2025 to December 12, 2025
Target Audience: 
General Interest
Event Details: 

The aim of Powders & Grains 2025 is to share the recent advances in the broad research field of granular media and particulate suspensions. Contributions from experts around the world will cover a wide range of topics. Powders & Grains (www.powdersandgrains.org) is the premier international scientific conference held every four years in three different continents (Europe, America and Asia & Oceania) since 1989. it brings together engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians interested in the mechanics and physics of granular media and particulate suspensions. It distinguishes itself from other meetings on granular materials by (1) the mixture of disciplines, (2) the unique single-session talks, (3) the posters taking a prominent role and being displayed throughout the conference, and (4) the refereed conference papers published online before the meeting.