Agglomeration of Particle Systems in Fluidized Beds Phase 3 Addendum

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K Tardos, D Mazzone
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ARR - Annual Report
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Particle Formation
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United States

This is the third phase of the research performed on agglomeration of particles in fluidized bed systems including both theoretical and experimental work on aggregating fluidized beds. The report contains an updated review on high temperature agglomerating fluidized beds with emphasis on fluidized bed conbustors. The report also includes a detailed comparison between predicted and measured minimum gas velocities necessary to keep a bed of sticky (wet) or sintered granules in the fluidized state.

The experimental procedure using a dilatometer to measure the apparent surface viscosities of sintering particles is described together with measurements to determine agglomerate strength. These quantities must be known before any theoretical model which predicts defluidization in fluidized beds can be applied. Furthermore, a theoretical model based on the growth of vertical channels in a defluidized bed to predict refluidization of a defluidized (packed bed) is described. Future theoretical and experimental work on the project is also outlined.