Agglomeration of Particle Systems in Fluidized Beds Phase 5

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K Tardos, D Mazzone
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Particle Formation
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United States


This is the fifth phase of a research program to study the agglomeration of particles in fluidized bed systems. The report contains an updated review of the literature on theoretical models of fluidized beds containing fine cohesive and/or moist particles as well as a review of research on forces and pressures on objects immersed in fluidized beds.

Liquid bridges between stationary and moving spheres were studied experimentally and theoretically. A new, original model was developed to study the shape and strength of a stationary bridge between two spheres which accounts for the weight of the liquid between the particles and this model was verified by liquid bridge strength measurements using strain gauges. Furthermore, moving liquid bridges between a stationary and a free falling sphere were studied using high speed photography.

The forces and pressures on free and attached agglomerates in a fluidized bed were measured using a direct experimental method employing a set of strain gauges mounted on the agglomerate. The measured values were analyzed as to peak distribution, power spectra and other characteristics, using advanced computer data processing.