Draft Report: Nanomilling of Inorganic Particles in Different Solvents in Stirred Media Mills

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Peukert, Dipl.-Ing. C. Knieke, M. R. Mallembakam, M.Sc.
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Size Reduction
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Nanomilling is of great interest to many industries. anosize particles are gradually being incorporated into a broad range of application fields, examples are fillers for paper and plastic coatings, pigments, ceramics for abrasive and structural applications, toners for photocopy and printing machines, pharmaceuticals. Advanced devices include electronic packages, ultra-thin-film optical devices, advanced fuel cell catalysts, molecular conductors, and biochips. Besides the direct synthesis of these materials by chemical methods, wet grinding in stirred media mills is a suitable method for the production of sub-micron particles. The main advantage of using wet grinding in stirred media mills over alternative grinding methods is the possibility to apply higher power densities necessary to produce very fine particles [1].