Estimation Method of Mechanical Properties of Powder Bed Processes and its Application to Particulate Processes

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Kazutaka Makino
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Powder Flow
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The objectives of our project are to establish an industrial estimation method for any powder yield locus and to develop a design procedure for industrial powder processes by use of the yield locus. The complete powder properties at any possible porosity under given conditions may be necessary to design particulate processes.

However,it is very difficult or almost impossible in time, technically or economically. We can point out the importance of a new problem " how to estimate powder property from the design standpoint of particulate process". Then, we will discuss a historical review on the birth of this concept of powder property estimation.

Next, the problem of "how the estimation method will be developed to be effective and inevitable in the design procedure, will be explained mainly by use of our method. And we will outline the design method of particulate process on the basis of the estimation method.