Flow of Titanium Dioxide Suspensions Through Pipes And Pipeline Transitions

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Raffi M. Turian
Report Type: 
ARR - Annual Report
Research Area: 
Wet Systems
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United States

Friction losses were determined for titanium dioxide suspensions at concentrations of 17.5, 22.3, 25.3 and 33.9 percent by volume, flowing through 1 inch and 2 inch standard 45 deg. and 180 deg. bends, and 90 deg. bends of various radii of curvature, and also through gate and globe valves and Venturi meters. Pertinent suspension properties, which were measured, included particle size distribution, suspension pH, zeta potential, sedimentation behavior and sediment volume and rheological behavior. The rheological behavior was shear-thinning at low shear rates, and shear- thickening at high shear rates. Preliminary analysis and correlation of the rheological data included determination of the power-law parameters over appropriate ranges of shear rate, which were used to define a generalized Reynolds number for correlation of the friction loss data.