Fracture Mechanics

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Dr D P Isherwood
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SAR - Review
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Size Reduction
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United Kingdom


An analysis of the stress distribution near the corners of particles loaded at that corner is presented and this is seen to be a basis for the rational treatment of attrition. Incorporation of a fracture criterion enables the effect of corner angle on loads to cause local chipping to be seen. Attrition is taken to be the result of such chipping. Fracture through the bulk of the material is thought to be unlikely and that the fracture reported by Vervoorn does not always conform to the definition presented here. Rather it is seen as a larger scale but still local effect. An explanation for some of Vervoorn’s results is offered but further work needs to be done to extend the explanations.

The significance of plastic deformation is briefly considered and the origin and importance of residual stresses is discussed.