Fragmentation of Particle Assemblies

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Dr Ing R Weichert, Dr Raj K Rajamani
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ARR - Annual Report
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Size Reduction
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The Ultrafast Load Cell Device at the Comminution Center of the University of Utah was used for experiments on quartz (1400 pm - 1700 pm) with the density of 2.65 g/cm? The sieves used for preparing the sample were A.S.T.M.E square hole sieves of 12 and 10 mesh respectively.

The Ultrafast Load Cell Device (ULCD) has been used for impact comminution of defined particle beds. The energy consumed by the particles, the force applied to the particles and the deformation of the particle bed is being determined.

After the comminution test the broken mass as well as the particle size distribution are determined by sieve analysis.

The impact test parameters varied are:

Number of particle layers (pl)

Drop height of ball (h)

Anvil geometry of ULCD so that a ball-flat anvil and

ball-curved anvil (called ball-ball) impact can be simulated.