Fundamental Research on Particle/ Liquid Separation

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Prof P Somasundaran
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ARR - Annual Report
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Wet Systems
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United States


The aim of our program research is to gain an accurate understanding of the role of surface-chemical and other possible forces which control separation behavior of fine particles. Specifically, we are studying the effect of selected chemical as well as mechanical pretreatments on flocculation and solid/liquid separation in such flocculated systems using certain gravitational, magnetic and filtration techniques.

During the last eight months (since 3/86), we have developed use of fractal techniques with computer models to characterize the shape and texture of particle aggregates formed by different mechanisms. We are working on the development of novel three dimensional imaging techniques by using CAT scan and gamma camera for characterization of floccs and sediments. A detailed investigation of double flocculants usage, in which different polymers and inorganics are added in series or parallel to enhance or control flocculation, is currently on the way. We have also initiated a study of the properties of colloids in non-aqueous systems.