Large Eddy Simulation of Gas-Solid Flow in Vertical Channel

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Y Tsuji, T Tanaka and Y Yamamoto
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ARR - Annual Report
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Powder Flow
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Following the previous work, calculation of gas-solid flow in a vertical duct was made by using LES (Large Eddy Simulation), The same models in LES as the single phase flow is applied to gas-solid flow under the conditions of small particle (50 micron meter) and dilute phase (solid volume fraction = 0.96 X 10^- 4). It was found that the importance of the inter- particle collision was recognized even at such low concentrations of particles, particularly for distributions of particle concentration and velocity fluctuation. As has been observed by many experimental workers, the turbulence modification due to the particles were found in the present simulation. That is, the intensity of gas turbulence is reduced by the presence of particles.