Non-local Rheology Tests in Intermediate Flows

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Nathalie M. Vriend and Karen E. Daniels
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Powder Flow
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United Kingdom

Research Plan & Summary
The aim of this one-year collaboration proposal was to perform an additional test of the two
nonlocal rheologies [Kamrin and Koval 2012, Bouzid et al. 2013] using a faster flow
(intermediate flow, higher inertial number I) than was available in the annular Couette cell at
NC State. The collaboration grant involved two reciprocal visits; Amalia Thomas visited
NCSU in November 2017 for two weeks, while Zhu Tang travelled to the University of
Cambridge in January 2018 for two weeks. The goals of this 1-year collaborative project
1. Using the avalanche geometry as an alternative to the annular shear cell, to obtain
non-local measurements of velocity, shear and stress at higher inertial numbers.
2. Obtaining a quantitative connection between the two geometries by measuring the
yield ratio µs for both sets of particles.
3. Test the applicability of two non-local theoretical models.
This report provides a summary of the results to date.