In-Process Characterization of Suspensions and Slurries: Review of Recent Advances

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DAavid Scott
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United States

A comprehensive literature review was conducted on new and emerging methods for in-process
characterization of suspensions and slurries. The 165 publications reviewed here were selected as the
most relevant examples from a field of over 3200 titles and abstracts published between 2014 – 2020. To
place them in context, 75 background references are also provided. Over 80% of the reviewed papers
and patents use variants of known characterization methods, but a dozen innovative or otherwise
noteworthy new developments have been identified. The concentration ranges for size and shape
characterization have been expanded, and the resolution and dynamic range of size measurement have
been increased in some applications. Several in-line methods quantify rheology and phase distribution.
A few of these methods have been commercialized, but most of them have not. Recommendations are
presented for encouraging commercial development of the technology, including workshop ideas and
potential topics for a research brief. A method selection guide is also included.