The Relation of Powder, Granule and Additives on the Compaction Behaviour in the Low-mid Pressure Range

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A M Cuitino
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Particle Formation
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United States

This research work addresses the correlation between tht material properties and the processing conditions to the final characteristics of powders and granular materials compacted at low and medium pressures. This correlation is based on the study of the microstructural characteristics and evolution during the compaction process. The materials (powders, granules, binders and lubricants) selected for this study are representative of those used mostly by pharmaceutical and household consumer companies.

The main objective of this study is focused on providing guidelines to improve rationally and systematically the current compaction operations by helping in the optimal selection of particles, binder, lubricants as well as compaction pressures and compaction speeds.

Rutgers University offers a unique environment, to conduct, this investigation. This university provides first hand access to current research on fundamental aspects relat,ed to compaction such as granulation, milling, mixing and blending, within a co- herent and collaborative effort with concentration on Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Also, it provides the state-of the-art in characterization techniques and computational facilities, and ad-hoc testing facilities such as the Compactor Simulator Laboratory.

This report includes the current work since the beginning of the grant in October 1996 (some results were reported previously informally).