A State of the Art Review for the Four R & D Projects of Particle Technology in Japan

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Koichi Iinoya
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SAR - Review
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Size Reduction
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The highly selective state of the art review has been assigned for the following four R and D project areas which are shown in Appendix III in detail.

A. Slurry Handling and Rheology

B. Flow and Cohesion of Powders

C. Agglomeration in Particulate Systems

D. Dsliquoring of Filter Cakes

I have selected five active professors in the above areas as consultants, and discussed with them the general outline of the projects. I have prepared the survey guideline and the questionnaire format in Japanese.

The five consultant professors have written the survey reports by use of the questionnaires. On the other hand, a post graduate student has listed up Japanese literatures recently published in the above four areas. I have also passed or sent the questionnaires to selected scholars and have visited several university laboratories and three government research institutes in Japan last March. Direct interviews with key personnels and making laboratory tours by travelling around were the best way to get adequate informations. It is difficult to say which laboratories are most highly trained and well equipped in Japan. However, I have listed their research activities each on a'separate page, which we think to be important ones, as follows.