A State of the Art Review for the Two Additional R & D Projects of Particle Technology in Japan

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Koichi Iinoya
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SAR - Review
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Size Reduction
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The Phase I Preliminary and Annual reports include the State of the Art Review for the following four research fields in Japan:

A. Slurry Handling and Rheology

B. Flow and Cohesion of Powders

C. Agglomeration in Particulate Systems

D. Deliquoring of Filter Cakes

This Phase II Preliminary Report includes a State of the Art Review for the following two additional research fields in Japan:

E. Particle Characterisation

F. Solid-Solid Separation

The previous Phase I reports were mainly compiled by use of the suggestions and advice of 5 consultant professors, who are specialists in each field. The critical opinion of the Phase I Annual Report is based on a general review and my own personal views.

However, this Phase II report has been written based on the results of questionaires mailed to individual principal research personnel. Therefore, it may contain better information than the Phase I reports, but the results might be exaggerated. Each research field was studied in several of the same laboratories as the ones in other fields. That is, some laboratories are listed in more than one field, because the same subjects have been studied by two or three researchers, or the subjects have some correlation with other fields. Especially, the fifth field "E Particle Characterisation" has many connections with other fields, because it is a fundamental scientific subject in particle technology.