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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
Powder Mixing and Segregation Muzzio ARR Powder Flow 1998
Achievements in Size Reduction de Jong SAR Size Reduction 1998
Attrition of Particulate Solids Ghadiri FRR Size Reduction 1998
An Experimental Study of Fragmentation by High Velocity Impacts on a Target And by Air Jet Milling Guigon FRR Size Reduction 1998
A Study of the Influence of Interparticle Interactions and Hydrodynamic Forces on the Rheology and Shear Stability of Concentrated Colloidal Dispersions and Slurries. Wagner ARR Wet Systems 1998
Synthesis of Ca Bearing Compounds by Mechanochemical Treatment Under Dry Atmospheric Conditions Saito ARR Wet Systems 1998
Dispersion Characteristics of Agglomerated and Non-Agglomerated Powdered Materials Schubert FRR Wet Systems 1998
Nanorheology and Fine Powder Flow Granick ARR Wet Systems 1998
Dense Suspension Rheology Brady ARR Wet Systems 1998
In-situ Characterization of the Microstructure of Particle Surfaces and Their Interaction Forces by Atomic Force Microscope Higashitani ARR Characterisation 1998
On-line Characterisation of Flowing Particulate Suspensions Using A Multisensor Approach Williams ARR Characterisation 1998
Zeta Potential - Measurement and Application from a Practical Perspective Scales SAR Characterisation 1998
Measuring Particle Size at High Concentration Scarlett SAR Characterisation 1998
Review on Electrostatics Yamamoto SAR Characterisation 1998
Measurement of Fluidization Dynamics in a Fluidized Bed Using Capacitance Tomography. Beck FRR Particle Formation 1997
The Relation of Powder, Granule and Additives on the Compaction Behaviour in the Low-mid Pressure Range Cuitino ARR Particle Formation 1997
Extrusion of Pastes Kalyon SAR Particle Formation 1997
Optimal Quality Control of Industrial Crystallizers Rawlings ARR Particle Formation 1997
Formation of Crystalline Ultramicrospheres of ZrO, of Narrow Size Distribution in Condensed Gel-Sol System Sugimoto ARR Particle Formation 1997
Mixing and Segregation in Industrial Processes de Silva SAR Powder Flow 1997