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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
Flow Patterns in Circulating Fluidized Beds Predicted by Numerical Simulation Tsuji ARR Powder Flow 1994
Experimental Simulation of Processes in Ball Mills by Fragmentation of Particle Assemblies. Weichert FRR Size Reduction 1994
Experimental Study of a Jet of Particles Impacting on a Plate Dodds ARR Size Reduction 1994
Test Devices for Comminution Schonert FRR Size Reduction 1994
Impact Attrition of Particulate solids Ghadiri FRR Size Reduction 1994
Computer Simulation of Particle Fracture and Hopper Flows Campbell ARR Size Reduction 1994
Optical Rheometry of Suspensions Fuller ARR Wet Systems 1994
Structure and Rheology of Concentrated Colloidal Dispersions Russel ARR Wet Systems 1994
Suspension Rheology Project Mewis ARR Wet Systems 1994
Scale-up Procedures and Test Methods in Solid/Liquid Separation Wakeman ARR Wet Systems 1994
Production of Spherical Submicrometer Standard Powders Ranade SAR Characterisation 1994
Particle Size Standard Materials (Transparent and Black) Masuda ARR Characterisation 1994
Preparation of Well Dispersed systems: The Role of Oxide Bridging in Agglomerate Formation Smith ARR Particle Formation 1993
Role of Short Range Forces in the Precipitation of Uniform Particles Zukoski ARR Particle Formation 1993
Fundamental Studies of Particle Growth and Structure During Powder Synthesis Flagan ARR Particle Formation 1993
The Effervescent Atomization of Highly Viscous, Non-Newtonian, Multiphase Fluids Sojka ARR Particle Formation 1993
Bubble and Elutriation Control in Fluidized Beds with Electric Fields Colver ARR Powder Flow 1993
Turbulent Gas-Particle Flow in Risers Jackson ARR Powder Flow 1993
The Role of Interparticle Forces in the Gas Fluidization of Fine Powders Geldart FRR Powder Flow 1993
Particle Breakage with High Velocity Air Jets Dodds ARR Size Reduction 1993