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Title Author Last Name Report Type Research Area Publication Year
Mechanical Properties of Powder Bed and Methods of Their Estimation Makino ARR Size Reduction 1983
Attrition of Bulk Particulate Solids Bridgwater ARR Size Reduction 1983
Flow of Titanium Dioxide Suspensions Through Pipes And Pipeline Transitions Turian ARR Wet Systems 1983
Suspension Rheology Mewis ARR Wet Systems 1983
Effect of Temperature on the Agglomerate Strength of Polymeric Particles Sekiguchi ARR Particle Formation 1982
Agglomeration of Particle Systems in Fluidized Beds Phase 3 Addendum Tardos ARR Particle Formation 1982
Aerated Flow of Powders Scarlett ARR Powder Flow 1982
A Mathematical Model of Powder Bed Yield Loci Makino ARR Powder Flow 1982
Attrition of Bulk Particulate Solids - Assessment in a Test Cell Bridgwater ARR Size Reduction 1982
Fundamental Mechanical Properties of Granular Materials Kanatani ARR Size Reduction 1982
Particle Attrition Vervoorn ARR Size Reduction 1982
Slurry Rheology Project Mewis ARR Wet Systems 1982
Flow of Highly Concentrated Fine Particulate Slurries Through Complex Geometries Turian ARR Wet Systems 1982
Slurry Rheology Mewis ARR Wet Systems 1982
Characterization of Solid Surfaces and Interactions at the Solid/Gas and Solid/Liquid Interfaces. Relevance to Particle Technology Parfitt SAR Wet Systems 1982
Evaluation of an Electrostatic-Classifier Leschonski ARR Characterisation 1982
Electrification of Particles Through Collision in Particulate Processes Masuda ARR Characterisation 1982
Measurement of Agglomerate Strength Tohata SAR Characterisation 1982
Individual Powder Particles Development of High Resolution Electrostatic Probe System for Measuring Charge on Individual Powder Particles Singh FRR Characterisation 1982
Agglomeration of Particle Systems in Fluidized Beds Phase 2 Tardos ARR Particle Formation 1981